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Fort Wright Eye Doctor

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Optometry office in Fort Wright

Fort Wright eye doctor
Fort Wright eye doctor

At Mando’s Optical, our practice is pleased to offer both expert eye healthcare, and also a full-service optical department that has an inventory of all the products you want and need to see your best, look your best, and to do so in outstanding comfort. We are pleased to help both adults and children.

All adults should have a yearly eye examination. There are two reasons why. First, our Fort Wright eye doctor is committed to correcting your vision as needed with eyeglasses or contact lenses. This means updating the prescription when changes to your vision have resulted in a reduction in the effectiveness of your eyewear. Your annual visit is not just about a vision screening, however. The most common eye diseases all develop and progress through their early stages without any noticeable symptoms. If you wait until signs appear, you are risking damage to your eyes, or vision loss, either of which could be irreversible. Fortunately, when detected early, there are treatment and management options so that even if a permanent cure is not possible, you can live with the effects of such conditions comfortably and with maximum vision available to you. Contact lens exams and fittings are also provided. Children also may contract glaucoma and cataracts, as well as conditions that are more specific to their age group. Among the examples are amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, double vision, and drooping eyelid. As for vision, your child should be seen by our Fort Wright eye doctor by the time of first starting school, with follow ups every other year thereafter. And you don’t have to wait for a year to go by, for either you or your child. If either of you experience anything unusual, including blurry vision, floaters, and loss of vision, you should reach out to us right away.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment with our Fort Wright eye doctor.

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