Edgewood KY Reading Glasses

Edgewood KY Reading Glasses

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If you are over age 40, you may be at the point where you will benefit from reading glasses. At Mando’s Optical, customers are able to purchase Edgewood KY reading glasses, or other types of glasses, that will help with presbyopia.

Presbyopia is an extremely common vision problem of older adults. It is a condition which causes adults to have problems focusing on items close up. The solution for presbyopia can be very simple. Customers can buy reading glasses at our vision practice, which do not need to be sold with a prescription. Our staff can help you to determine which strength of reading glasses will work best for you. However, we also offer other solutions for this vision problem. Customers are able to get eyeglasses which contain only reading glass portions in them. Alternatively, customers can purchase eyeglasses with bifocal lenses to solve this problem. Bifocal lenses actually have two different lens prescription in them. This way, you do not need to change glasses when you want to see something at a distance, or immediately switch to seeing something close up. However, bifocals do not offer the best range of vision since they have a sharp line of delineation between the two different lens strengths. Many of our patients prefer to get eyeglasses with progressive lenses in them. These lenses offer a large field of vision and do not have any unsightly or annoying lines in them which indicate where one lens prescription ends and the next begins. Instead, there is a smooth area of transition. Many patients enjoy these progressive lenses so they do not need to have separate Edgewood KY reading glasses.

If you want to find a great new pair of Edgewood KY reading glasses, feel free to stop by anytime and review our exciting and fun selection of reading glasses.

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