Contact lens fitting in Fort Wright

Contact Lens Fitting in Fort Wright

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Contact lens fittings and exams in Fort Wright

We are committed to providing full service to our valued customers here at Mando’s Optical. Among the many important aspects of our care that we’re proud to provide are contact lens exams and fittings.

You should never go to an optical store if their only interest is in selling you eyewear and accessories. Certainly, we carry everything you need and want, including an array of different types of contacts. But our primary goal is to ensure that you have the best possible experience with them. That means your vision correction is our top priority, followed closely by your comfort. Contacts that are uncomfortable or cause you irritation lead to a negative attitude about your vision correction. With a special and detailed examination, along with our contact lens fitting in Fort Wright, you can be confident that yours will be easy to wear and give you sharp, clear vision at all distances. The exam is based on checking the parts of your eyes that the lenses will be touching when you have them in. That means your conjunctivas, your eyelids, and your corneas. Sometimes, there is an underlying issue that leads to discomfort or a complication, but you don’t want to wait to find out until after you start wearing contacts. Our contact lens fitting in Fort Worth will make certain that the type of contacts you decide on feel right when you put them in. Furthermore, proper centering will give you the most out of the prescription as written by our eye doctor.

No matter what vision concern you need contacts for, and what your preferences are, we have something right here that will suit you to a tee. Why not reach out to our office right now and book an examination and our contact lens fitting in Fort Worth?

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